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Complete HP Printer Error Code List & their Solutions
published by Administrator April 22, 2022

Causes & Solutions to Fix HP Printer Error State

HP printers are mostly used printing devices. Nowadays, HP printers have shown different types of error codes. HP Printer has stopped working and has displayed an error message on the screen. The HP, Canon & Epson error codes are displayed when the printer has hardware and software issues.

The HP printer error codes are common and can be fixed easily. HP Printer has different models, and they have shown different types of error codes. In this article, we describe the causes and solutions of various HP Printer error codes.

Don’t panic When you see the HP Printer error state message on the display screen. The simple solution helps you to troubleshoot HP error codes.

1.  Error Code 02 – Warming up Error

The HP printer Error code 02 is associated with driver or printer cable problems.

What to do: To solve the printer error code 02, turn off the printer and disconnect all the printer cables. Wait for a few minutes and then turn on the printer. Check the error message has disappeared. If the error code hasn’t been resolved, there may be a hardware problem.

2. HP Error Code 10 – Supplies Memory Error

The HP Printer Error Code 10 has appeared when you using third-party or non-original toners or ink cartridges. This error could be due to it being dislodged, scratched, or not installed in the printer.

What to do: To resolve the HP Error code 10, Turn off the printer and remove the power cable. Wait for 30 secs and turn it back on. If the error persists again then reinstall the toner and cartridges in the printer.

3. HP Error Code 11 – Paper Out Error

It indicates that the printer’s paper tray is empty. Open the paper tray and fill it with paper. If the paper tray isn’t empty, there might be a problem with the paper sensor.

What to do: Make sure the paper sensor or optical sensor is clean and not damaged.

4. HP Error Code 13 – Paper Jam

The Printer Error Code 13 has appeared when the paper has jammed in the machine. The HP Printer will tell you where the paper jam is located, follow the instructions, and resolve the error code.

5. HP Error Code 14 – No toner Cartridges

The HP Error code 14 appears when the printer doesn’t have a toner cartridge or it is not installed correctly.

What to do: Check whether the toner cartridge has in the printer or not. If the toner is present in the printer, then remove it and reinstall it again to fix the problem.

6. HP Error Code 49, Also 49.4 c02 Error Code:

The HP Error 49.4 co2 code means your printer needs a firmware upgrade. This error is associated with firmware or network errors. To resolve the error code, to update the firmware.

7. HP Error Code 0x83c000a:

In HP Printer error code 0x83c000a also known as HP Office Jet 4630 Error Code oxc4eb827f, and HP Envy 4500 Error Code oxc4eb827f. This HP error code has shown due to several reasons such as the printer is not getting a printing signal, over usage of the printer, hard drive issues, outdated printer drivers, and more.

What to do: To resolve the HP error code 0x83c000a, you should do is turn off the printer and unplug the power cable, wait for 30 seconds and then plug in back and turn on the printer. After that, Reinstall the ink cartridges properly in the printer. Update the outdated firmware, and download the HP Printer drivers, if the issue again persists.

8. HP Printer Error Code 0x6100004a:

HP Error code 0x6100004a has been encountered due to mechanical damage. This HP Error code 0x6100004a has affected the HP models 6962 6968, 6830, and 6810. This error code is caused by a paper jam, an ink cartridge, or a printer failure. This error may be encountered by the damaged or broken printhead.

What to do: To resolve the HP error code 0x6100004a, remove all the papers from the printer and then insert a new one. If you still getting the error, turn off the printer, remove the ink cartridges, and perform a hard reset. Then insert the new cartridge and turn on the printer.

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