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Fix: Epson Printer Red and Green Lights Blinking Error
published by Administrator June 29, 2022

Epson printers are the most reliable and cost-effective printing device and are used in homes and offices. Epson printer provides incredible quality printouts, scanning, faxing, and more advanced features. There are thousands of Epson printer users who have faced different types of Epson printer errors. Most of the time we got one question from Epson printer users that is “Epson printer blinking lights error”. The users have faced trouble when their Epson printers blink lights suddenly.

The Epson printer red and green lights blinking error have faced by users. If you are facing the same problem and find the right solutions to fix the issue. Then you are on the right page. Here we will discuss the causes and solutions to the Epson printer red and green lights blinking issue.

Causes of Epson printer lights blinking Error:

The Epson printer lights blinking issue can be caused due to various reasons. Before fixing the Epson printer lights blinking error, you need to know the reasons behind the Epson printer blinking lights.

· Paper jammed

· Low or Empty Ink in tank

· Lack of communication between Epson Printer and Computer

· Epson printer Printhead is overheated

· Epson printer unable to find the network connection

· Printer fuser not working

Meaning and Status of Lights Flashing on Epson Printer:

The different types of errors have shown the different types of blinking light colors. These blinking lights are on, and off, and the flashing has shown the status of the printer. First, you need to know the reasons for the light blinking errors.

1. When the Red light is ON but Green Light Blinking:

When your Epson printer's red light is on and the green light flashes that means the printer is running out of paper. Stop the printing and load the stack of paper in the paper tray.

2. When the Green light is On and the Red light flashing:

When the green light is on and the red light starts blinking on your Epson printer that means one of the ink cartridges of your printer is out of ink or cartridge needs replacement.

3. When Both Red and Green Light Blinking on Your Epson Printer:

When your Epson printer blinks both red and green lights, that means the paper gets jammed in your Epson printer. Open the paper tray and remove any stuck paper or any other objects stuck in the paper tray. 

4. When Your Red light blinking for both Ink and Paper out:

When your Epson printer’s print head is clogged, then the red light for your ink and paper out is blinking. In this movement, the printer print head is blocked due to foreign objects or jammed paper.

Troubleshooting Epson Printer Red light and Green Light Blinking Error:

1. Fix Paper Jammed: When you see the lights blinking on your Epson printer that means the paper gets jammed in the printer paper tray. Open the paper tray and remove any stuck in the print tray, remove stuck paper in-tray. Also, check the rollers, if rollers are stuck, then remove and clean the area.

2. Check Printer Ink Cartridge: When your Epson printer red light blinks, it indicates you are out of ink or an empty ink cartridge. Refill the ink cartridge, if the lights again blinking then you need to replace the ink cartridge with a new one.

3. Check the Printer Printhead and fuser: When the user takes printouts continuously the fuser gets overheated and burnt out. If the fuser is damaged then replace it because, without a fuser, the Epson printer will not work.

Sometimes the printhead also gets overheated and stops working, so you should take a break until the printer printhead cools down.

4. Check the Printer Network Connection: Sometimes low network connection may be caused by lights blinking on the printer. When you see the lights blinking on the Epson printer, first you need to check the wired and wireless network connection. Once the printer gets connected to a network connection, it will stop blinking.

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Free Consult with Epson Printer Experts:

All of these steps resolve your Epson printer lights blinking error. If you have faced trouble fixing the Epson printer lights error, then you can directly contact Epson printer experts through Free live chat or toll-free number. 

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