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Fix: My HP Printer is Printing Blacklines on Paper
published by Administrator November 22, 2021

Today, the HP printer is the most usable device for the best quality printing documents. Hp printer is used at the home, office, and many business organizations, with the use of different types of Inkjet & Laser printer. Sometimes you are found an error in printing bad printed with black lines horizontal and vertical on the surface document. These types of errors arise in the maximum in All in One printer.

So, it is important to remove the printing on the black line error. Before you can contact the printer expert, you can try to fix the printing black line error itself. Now we can discuss the cause of the blackline printing Error. 

The Main, Cause of the Printer is Printer Black lines on paper

Dirty Scanner Glass in HP All in One Printer

If your printer, scanner glass is dirty with dust particles, and with ink dots that have been arisen an error to print as blackline. You have to need the clean the All-in Printer upper scanner glass with a lint-free cloth. Make sure your lint-free paper cloths and towels are dry. Be sure to complete the cleaner glass and dry cloth to avoid spots from the glass scanner cleaner.

Reboot Your Printer 

Sometimes we look at the Computer, and printer devices are not working properly, and printer functions are an odd way to work so, it is necessary to reboot your printer device. You can off the printer power and remove them from the power cord. Make sure you can unplug the power cord from the outlet and wait at least 15 seconds. After that, you can plug the power plug, and printer power is on.

Printer Cartridge Problem

HP Printer cartridge problem is the cause to arise blackline printing error. In the many printers, the problem is improper install or an empty printer cartridge. You can try to replace the used cartridge and reinstall the new cartridge then, you have to need the take the printing test on paper. Make sure After doing this test on the paper the printer ink cartridge already fills.

Vertical Lines Error

Vertical lines Error arises is not the more serious problem. This is due to an empty toner cartridge problem, poorly installed ink cartridge, and toner with the scratched drum. Resolving vertical line error by cleaning the Printer element of laser assembly, if any need to replacing it together

Horizontal black line Error

If you have to again get the black line in the print copies, then it is possible to something a problem interfacing with the printer optics. You have needed the clean the printer glass scanner. Other reasons for black on print and copies are arisen due to the drum system with the printer. A printer drum helps to take a picture camera photoconductor like work during the printing or copying the job.

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Needs to printer Service

I hope all these steps help you to solve the printer printing black lines issue. If you have good knowledge about printers then you are trying to resolve the printing issue by yourself, but in rare cases, If you trying to resolve the issue by yourself without any knowledge, then you take the risk. 
 In this situation, you can contact our printer expert team and explain the printer printing issue. You can also explain what you have already tried to resolve this problem.

Our expert team will solve your problem instantly through a FREE LIVE CHAT.  Our expert team is available 24/7 for FREE LIVE CHAT with customers. you can contact our expert team and resolve any types of printer issues.       


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