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Fix the Problem of Wireless Printer Offline Error
published by Administrator March 16, 2021

We well know that the printer is using in every field home and office. So the printer is the most popular device for printing documents or hard copy. Sometimes, many users face printer offline errors. In these conditions, your printer is not working. The printer offline problem maximum occurs in the wireless printer.

IF you will try to connect printer devices through a wireless network then the wireless connection is established with PC, laptops, Mac, and smarts mobile. But sometimes, the user will fail to connect with the wireless network, at that time printer not print documents and show a wireless printer offline error.

Now, here we discuss the main reason for wireless printer offline error and how to resolve this error through troubleshoot method.

Check Your Wireless Connections

  • Firstly, you have to need to check your Wireless connections between the system and printer device.
  • Check your printer power supply is turned ON.
  • Now check connecting the printer with your personal computer.
  • Also, check the printer part's working conditions. The printer parts are ink cartridge, toner, and spooler.
  • Check printer has no paper jam problem.
  • Also, no warning or flashing message is showing on the printer.
  • Make sure wireless printers are connected in the Wi-Fi range through the wireless network.
  • Also check your operating system of browser, applications, and software should be the latest version updated. Because it also arises printer offline error.

Make the Default Printer

In some printing cases when the user gives the print commands, then it will print the document through the virtual printer and show the offline error. So always you should have to need, set your printer as default printer. We provide here how to set default printer, read the following steps

  • Go to Window start button of pc or laptops->open control panel
  • Click on device->Printer & Scanner
  • Click on the Printer options to select the default printer.
  • And confirm it, then OK.

Restart your both Personal computer system and Printer device

In any case when the Wireless printer offline error show then, you will restart your printer, Wireless router, and system device to resolve this offline error. 

Run the Printer Troubleshooter

  • Printer Offline Error also resolves by run the printer troubleshooter.
  • Go to the start button on the PC and open the Control Panel.
  • Click on the Printer device and select printer & scanner.
  • Open the Printer troubleshoot section as per your needs.

Printer Expert Services

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