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published by Administrator April 08, 2022

Sometimes ago, you had to transfer files, photos, and documents from your phone to a computer, and then print them. Nowadays, modern wireless printers are mostly used because of their advanced technology and functions. They allow users to print using their smartphones via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. But most users have faced problems when they connect their printer to their phone. sometimes, the printer and phone won’t have connected. The issue can be caused by configuration with a wireless router or network settings.

In this article we shared the steps to fix the printer and phone won’t connect issue.

How do I connect my Wireless printer with my phone?

Step 1. Setting up your printer

• Power off your phone

• Turn off the Router as well

• Turn off the printer

• Wait for a minute

• Now Turn on the router and printer

• Try to connect your phone and printer to the network.

If the issue persists again then follow these steps:

• Press the setup button, after restarting the printer

• Select wireless settings

• Select restore network defaults setting

• Power off the printer and wait for a minute

• Now Power on the printer

Step 2: Resolve the Printer Troubleshooter

If your issue hasn’t been solved by following the above steps. Now resolve run the printer troubleshooter settings.

• Click on the Computer start button and select settings

• Select update and security option

• Click on the Troubleshoot option

• Click on the printer and select “Run the Troubleshooter

• Wait for a minute, the Windows to scan the system and check for any issues that might be affecting the printer functionality.

Step 3: Check your Phone

• Connect another phone to your printer, and check if it is connected or not

• If connected, then you need to check your phone for this issue

• Try to reboot the phone and resolve the error

• If your phone is asking for a password to connect to a printer, then add the password.

How to Wireless Printer Print with Smart Phones?

1. Connecting a Printer to an Android Device

Android devices have an option to connect with a printer and print the documents. You can easily print from an android device using the Wi-fi network and Bluetooth. Follow the steps to connect the printer to android devices with Wi-fi and Bluetooth.

Connecting via Wi-Fi Network

In android system has an easy option included – the Default print service. Android’s default print service tells your phone to find printers on the same wi-fi network. Throughout the process, you need to stay connected to the same wi-fi. If you can’t print, check your smartphone is connected to the wi-fi network or not.

If your phone connects via Default print services then follow these steps:

• Open phone settings

• Search for a printing

• Next, tab printing in the list of Connection preferences

• Select Default Print Service and turn it on.

• List of compatible printers on the network appear

• Select your one from the list

Connecting via Bluetooth

Fewer printers support Bluetooth, so you don’t need to worry about any networking. Follow these steps and connect to the printer via Bluetooth.

• Turn on printer’s Bluetooth 

• Once it’s scanning done, open your phone’s settings

• Tap connected devices and select pair new device

• Printer scan your phone’s Bluetooth, tap to connect.

2. Connecting and printing from an Ios Device

Like Android phones, Ios has a printer service that can easily connect devices on the wi-fi network. If you’re buying a new printer and want to print from an iPhone, make sure Airprint is turned on in the settings.

All Above steps help to connect your printer with smartphones. If you still face any printer-related issues include printer not printing, printer connectivity troubleshoots, printer print blank pages, printer offline issues, printer printing black lines. Then you can contact the printer technical support expert team, they give you printer assistant support and resolve your issue within a minute. 

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