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How to Clean Clogged Epson Print Head Nozzles with the latest ways?
published by Administrator February 19, 2021

Epson Printer is used maximum today for business, home, and office purposes. It has the best features and performs many functions work with a wide range of Wi-Fi connectivity to making easily compatible with various types of smart devices for printing.

In case your printer prints such faded lines, streak, and incomplete, then it has a problem with a clogged nozzle. We know most of the Epson printer has its printer head so built-in print heads, having common problem clogged nozzle. So you have one option to replace the print head after warranty expiration, but the new original print head is costlier than buying a new Epson printer.

You have another option to clean up the print head clogged nozzle. The permanent Print head clogged and blocked nozzles always require cleaning. Printhead clogged problems are due to ink residues dry up and collect in the nozzle. But in some other cases clogging the problems occur due to any reason.

Common Reasons for Clogging

Some common reason for printer clogging are below:

  • Epson printer print heads clog due to air and dry the ink, both conditions.
  • Printhead alerts your printer low ink problem, and you don't replace it at that time.
  • In case you are replacing your old cartridge with the new cartridge, then the printer starts adapting a new cartridge at the time the Epson printer pushes out too much ink by the nozzle. After dry the ink, the Printhead blocks the nozzles.
  • In printing time, dried ink also affects printing quality. The other reason behind the block nozzles due to smeared ink.
  • In many conditions, when the printer is not regularly, used then ink dries in the printer cartridge. When you turn on the Epson printer, then flow ink flow and small cleaning cycling runs. So always regularly need the printer is take in work for printing work rather than leaving or turn off.

This problem can solve by the very simplest and the latest method to you can take out all Printhead cartridge electronics parts one by one and clean with damped clothes. You can also follow the given instruction to solve the printer problem. 

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Cleaning the Printhead

  • The Epson printer of Printhead is cleaned by manual way or cleaning cycle. But we recommended to the user, can run the Printhead cleaning cycle before using the manual method.
  • Clogging issues maximum arise in Epson printer and, this printer has the main feature that has included print head cleaning cycles. The process of cleaning the cycle has easy to clean the printer nozzles within a few minutes and process one or two times. Some step is explaining below:
  • You can go to the home button, then click on setup, and then click the maintenance.
  • After, then choose or select the Printhead Nozzle check from the given list.
  • Once you click the button, you will get a page from your Epson printer with four different colored grids to find or specify which nozzle is clogged or not.
  • If show there no gap, then click done it.
  • In case there are gaps or faded line shows then, you select the clean the Printhead and continue. (Please note here when the cleaning cycle is running then, you cannot turn your printer off).

Manually Cleaning the Printhead

  • For manual cleaning, you have need some below list of material
  • Hand gloves
  • Lint-free wipes and paper towels
  • Dropper
  • Distilled water
  • Printer Jack-Printhead cleaner

Cleaning the Sponges

  • In the cleaning process, you can turn off the Epson printer setup and open the printer top or print head assembly.
  • Sponges store the ink cartridge and collect the ink in it. You can clean the Sponges by using a plastic syringe fill with distilled water.

Cleaning the Ink Port

  • Open the Printer top and take out the ink cartridge from the printhead. When you take out the cartridge here, you will be showing some cone shape and small indents that are used to transfer the ink to Printhead, which is also known as ink ports.
  • Here the process for cleaning is similar ways as sponge cleaning.

Cleaning the Printhead

  • Take the half paper towel in half and fold it one-half inch wide.
  • These paper feed in the places where Printhead runs. You tape the towel on the printer head rubber roller and spray some drop of Printer Jack-Printhead cleaner on the paper towel, leave it for at least 15 minutes. Repeat several times, this process then the port is free from dry ink.

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