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How to Fix HP Printer Light Blinking Error?
published by Administrator May 20, 2022

HP printer users have faced some common issues when they start printing. Nowadays HP printers have shown some technical or mechanical errors. One of the common errors users face is the HP printer light blinking error. You can’t understand the reason behind the unnecessary light blinking error.

The HP Printer Led Light blinks or flashes with different colors depending on the type of problems in the printer. The HP printer has a blinking different type of Led light. In this blog, we have discussed the meaning and solutions of the HP Printer Light blinking error.

This Light blinking error has several causes that can be easily troubleshot with simple steps.

Causes of HP Printer Light Blinking Error

The HP printer blinks or flashes the Red, Blue, and Orange lights. There are several reasons why the light blinks or flashes in HP printers.

  • Empty Paper Tray or Paper Jam in the HP Printer
  • Incompatible ink cartridges in the printer leads
  • Maybe the parts broke inside the printer
  • Sometimes Printer needs a Reboot or Restart
  • Printer lost network or Bluetooth connection

Why is the Light Blinking on my HP Printer?

The fast blinking power lights indicate that there might be an error with the printer. The blinking light is the indicator the ink cartridge door might be open, the paper jam, or an empty paper tray in the printer. Due to the printer's internal error, the printer light starts blinking.

Why is HP Printer Blinking Orange Light?

The HP printer blinking orange light means some issues with the printer ink cartridge, toner, or corrupted configuration settings that are reported by the MS community. Follow the troubleshooting steps to fix the HP printer Orange Light blinking error.

1.  Reset the printer from the power cord

2. Check the Damaged or Faulty ink cartridge

3. Uninstall and Reinstall the Printer Drivers

How to Fix Blue Light Blinking on my HP Printer?

The blue light flashing indicates the HP printer is not set up on the wireless network. Follow the steps to fix the HP printer Blue light blinking or flashing error.

1.  Restart the Printer from the power button

2.  Press the wireless button and cancel button at the same time for 2 seconds.

3.  The wireless light blinking indicates the printer is open for a new wireless connection.

4.  Repeat the step, if the light does not blink.

Why is my HP Printer Red Light Blinking?

Most of the time, the HP Printer flashing/blinking red light means that you are running low on paper. If the paper is not running low, make sure that the roll is pushed all the way to the back of the printer. Follow the steps to resolve it:

1.  Load less than 4 sheets of paper in the paper tray

2. When the paper is stable, press and hold the Feed.

3. When you hear the Beep, the release the feed

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix the HP Printer Light Blinking/Flashing Issue

The HP Printer light blinking is a common issue. To fix the HP printer light blinking issue with the two different methods. Follow the steps to resolve the light blinking in the HP printer error.

Method 1: Steps to Fix HP printer all Lights Blinking Issue

When you see the HP printer all lights blink in the control panel. The printer lights such as power lights, ink cartridge lights, and the color cartridge lights will be an indicator that there might be an issue with the printer’s internal state. Follow the steps to fix it.

1. Turn off the printer and disconnect the power cord

2. Wait for 5 minutes

3. Again connect the power cord to the socket and turn on the printer

4. Once the HP printer is on, check if the light is blinking or not.

If the Printer lights blinking stops, it means the printer working fine. But in case the light blinking issue has still shown, then follow the second method. Need any help in following the steps, then contact the HP printer experts through Free Live Chat.

Method 2: Steps to Fix HP printer Light Blinking Error

Follow the 2 method steps to fix the HP printer light blinking issue.

1. Remove the Ink Cartridge Carefully from the printer

2. Now Turn off the HP printer from the power cord

3. Disconnect the network connection from the HP printer

4. Wait for 10 seconds

5. Turn on the printer and reconnect with the network connection

6. Now check whether the lights blinking or not. If the lights not blinking, it means the issue has been fixed.

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Get Real-time Solutions for All HP printer Problems from HP experts

The above troubleshooting methods help you to resolve the HP printer Light blinking issue. In case you face any trouble fixing the Printer light blinking error, then you can get real-time and quick resolution from HP technical experts through FREE LIVE CHAT or toll-free number. 


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