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How to Fix White Lining Error in Canon Pixma TS6020?
published by Administrator March 13, 2020

Canon Pixma TS6020 is the wireless inkjet all in one printer. The printer has the functionality of prints, scan, fax, and copy. The Canon Pixma printer is mostly used for business purposes and home basis.


There are various types of errors you can face while using the printer. The main error is the lining error while prints the document. When we print the document and it also prints white lining, then it causes the printing error in your printer. 

These printing errors can be white and black while printing. Sometimes it displays both horizontally and vertically.

You are using the printer for a long time with no issue and suddenly you see these lines on your document. You can contact Canon Printer Customer Support Services to fix it. 

The most general inkjet printer fault is showing up the white lines when it prints. If you are facing this issue with long times and ignoring this to fix it, then you can lose your important part of your printer. 

The more ink and money will be wasted. In this blog, we discuss all the points and factor which cause this error and steps to fix it. Here be briefly go through with all the printing errors.

Run the print head cleaning tool:

  • To very first, run the print head cleaning tool that is in your system. The cause of these white lining on the printouts by clogging of the microscopic pores of the printer head. 
  • If you get the white lines or blank spots when you print the pages, the printer is finished. The Inkjets are choked with paper dust dried ink or other debris.
  • When you run this head cleaning tool spray of ink onto the blocks. After doing this print a test page to check the white lines issue is fixed. Please call for canon printer customer service support.

Check ink Cartridges:

  • Check the slot where the ink cartridges fit into your printer. Clean dust or dried ink with the cotton and any smooth cloths if appears. Clean it thoroughly. 
  • Ensure the ink cartridges are correctly clean. Replace it in their slots and cover the cartridges. Close the printer and turn on your printer again. 

Check printer settings:

  • The other reason for white lines on pages is improper settings of a printer on the computer. Check the default settings and quality-related issues and fix them.
  • Check the print quality settings and if it is set on draft, change it to standard. It helps in getting quality prints with less use of printing ink.
  • Our canon printer tech support is available here 24 hours for any help.

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