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How to resolve the ghost printing problem in Printer?
published by Administrator March 12, 2021

Of late, printers have been very useful devices as other electronic devices. But besides being useful and serviceable, it also has various types of problems that interrupt your work such as double printing, ghost images, or repeating smudges on printed pages. Altogether these issues can be fixed very easily by using some fixed remedies to it. Among these, the foremost problem is ghost printing that stops us to go further in printing.

This problem occurs when text or image is repeated more than once. It happens when the fuser or drum unit becomes faulty, as it heats the particles of the toner to high enough temperature, the marks being made on paper are much lighter in color and appear more faded than a typical document. People often ask how to fix or resolve the ghost printing problem.

Nonetheless, there are numerous approaches to forestall printer ghosting in laser printers. Doing them all the time will help save the life expectancy of the printer and its exhibition. A few procedures to forestall printer ghosting are portrayed beneath. 

Solution for a Ghost Printing Problem


To begin with, you need to check the printer environment (you need to keep your printer in a dry room so that it won’t affect the quality of the printer). The best possible arrangement of the printer unit inside a room is a key factor that decides its life expectancy.

It is perfect to keep the printer in a room liberated from any dampness content, as the moistness can cause the toner capacity to clump, in this manner causing printer ghosting.


Presume that paper might be the reason for ghosting, ensure you are utilizing paper that has been intended for use in laser printers. You can likewise alter your paper settings in case you're utilizing thick or lustrous paper for laser printers.


Furthermore, you need to adjust the paper setting the means as it will clear the ghost printing issue in the correct way. A few printers likewise accompany a cleaning cycle that ensures that abundance toner powder doesn't adhere to the drum units. Verify whether you can run a cleaning cycle or print a cleaning page to dispose of overabundance toner.


Moreover, we are already aware of the fact that most printers have the ability of clearing functions built into machines. So what you need to do is to run up it a couple of times to attempt to clear up the printing issue.


In this, you need to inspect the drum. Then overabundance toner powder can adhere to the drum. In order to remove it, you just need a clean cloth to wipe down the entire surface gently.

Last but not least:

If the drum unit is not the foremost issue, then you need to clean the fuser or even have to replace the fuses altogether, but you need to keep one thing in mind that is the cleaning and replacement remedies or direction for the fuser varies across the print models.

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