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Inkjet vs. Laser: Which Printer is the best choice?
published by Administrator August 21, 2019

Today many consumers have arisen the same question in mind: which printer is the best choice an Inkjet or laser? The main difference between inkjet or laser printer is that an inkjet printer uses ink, is suitable for low volume printing, and the best choice of home users,

In laser printer uses toner, with high volume printing that is most useful in home and office.

Inkjet or laser printer also depends on what you want to print and according to your printing budget. 

Comparison with printer types

The inkjet printer is cheaper, smaller, and versatility nature to print both text-based documents with high-quality image and photos.

On the other hand, the laser printer is expensive upfront and uses pricier toner cartridge, but the laser printer offers an overall lower cost per page and faster print speed.

Printer Use for

If you are buying for a home printer, then most people advise you to take an inkjet printer but in inkjet printer has the main disadvantage that the ink dries up if you donā€™t use it often. I strongly suggest buying a laser printer, because toner used in laser printers doesn't dry up. 

But in case you will use a printer some document or color images then inkjet printers will the good print job is done. On the other hand, a laser printer prints a large amount of document, black, white, and color with speedy print.

The laser printer mostly uses for office purpose color laser printer is the best color printing but If you are looking for professional high color quality photos then use a photo inkjet printer. Mostly engineer or photographer used an inkjet printer for deeper black and creative needs because they need pigment-based ink which is more fade-resistant and works with a variety of art paper types or range of paper.

How to work

Show in this figure here Inkjet printers sprays liquid ink through the microscopic nozzle onto the paper. This is clear that printer use as ink in the inkjet printer.

On the other hand, laser printers have a drum unit that fuses toner powder onto paper with warm air (heat). We can say a laser printer used as powder.

Print Quality

Print quality depends on what kind of output print you want to need. If you want a professional photo with high resolution, then inkjet printer uses mostly. If you have needs for printing the sharp document, then you can use the laser printer.

For more detail

Monochrome laser printers:- Excellent color photo, text or document

Color laser printer:- Excellent for text, document, and medium quality color print

Photo Inkjet printers:- high resolutions quality photo and best print wide color range of photo gallery prints

Print Speed:

Laser printer print with high speed so mostly demands in engineer work, but Inkjet printer is slower as compared to the laser printer.

Laser Printers: 15 to 100 pages/minute or ppm

Inkjet Printers: 16 pages/minute

For Example

Canon PIXMA TS6220 (Inkjet)

Pages Per Minute: 15 ppm

Monthly Print Volume: 250 ā€“ 500 pages

HP LaserJet Pro M401n

Pages Per Minute: 35 ppm

Monthly Print Volume: 750 ā€“ 3,000 pages

The inkjet printer has minimum lifespan at least 3years

The laser printer has a lifespan of at least 5 years

This is depending on the frequency of uses by you.

A laser printer is costlier than an inkjet printer.

HP LaserJet Pro M401n

Cartridge:-         HP 80x

Page Yield:- 6,900 pages

Cost:-                 $196.99 (*as of 7/17/2019)

Cost per page:- 2.8 cents per page

Canon PIXMA TS6220 (Inkjet)

Cartridge:-     Canon PGI-280XL

Page Yield:- 400 pages

Cost:-                 $24.99 (*as of 7/17/2019)

Cost per page:- 6.2 cents per page

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