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Install Ink Cartridges on the HP and Canon Printer
published by Administrator November 24, 2021

Maximum users don't know how to install ink cartridges on your HP and Canon Printer? We have here covered the topics for install ink cartridges with step-by-step instructions on the printer. Many printers have the same process for installing the new cartridge. Now we discuss the installing a new cartridge process

How to Install Ink Cartridge in HP Printer? 

Todays some hp Deskjet printers and similar model printers come with top lids that work as scanners. Read the below mentions some important step for install ink cartridge in Hp Printer

Step 1: Turn on the Printer

Make sure check your hp printer power button is turned on. Also check printer power plug is the proper connection with the electrical outlet and working conditions.

Step 2: Open your Ink Cartridge Access Door

  • Open your printer lid upward carefully.
  • Move the cartridge towards the center of the printer automatically. 
  • Wait for some time to stop the moving cartridge.

Step 3: Remove the old and Empty Ink Cartridge

  • Press on the empty ink cartridge and remove it.
  • Pull the empty cartridge, from the printer slots, and set this slot by disposal, recycling, and refilling the ink cartridges.
  • In Hp printer has an individual feature for installing and replacing with each color Cartridge

Step 4: Prepare for the New HP Ink Cartridge

  • Remove the new HP ink cartridge from the packaging
  • The maximum new ink cartridge will come with a blue top and black.
  • In some cases, we see that the tri-color cartridge has a blue top while the black cartridge has a blacktop.
  • Remove the plastic film and seals tap on the ink cartridge carefully.
  • Please avoid touching the ink nozzles and coppered colored areas. That done, due to escape the issues of hp printer with ink clogged ink cartridge issues.

Step 5:  Insert the New Ink Cartridge

  • After put the new Hp ink cartridge from its side with the nozzles
  • Slide and put with the careful cartridge into the vacant slot
  • Here you can always remember, to put the Tri-color cartridge in the HP printer on the left slot and the Black ink cartridge on the right side.
  • Repeat these steps for installing the cartridge in other hp printer models.

Step 6: Close the HP Ink Cartridge Door

  • lower down the top lid through both light hands
  • Hp ink cartridge automatically slid back within the original position after closing the door and complete the installation with the replacement cartridge process.

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How to Install Ink Cartridge in a Canon Printer?

In Canon Printer, use the FINE cartridge such as Canon Pixma MG2990 and related to other Pixma series models. In which the ink tray is directly on the top of the output tray. If you can use the output tray, you will need to open the front output paper top cover and paper output tray.

Step 1: Turn ON the Canon Printer

  • Firstly, you can plug the printer power supply through the suitable power cord in the main electrical outlets.
  • Make sure to turn ON the printer power button

Step 2: Open the printer Ink Tray

  • Pull out the paper outlet cover and remove the paper outlet tray. If there some paper on the tray then please remove it.
  • After that, the cartridge holder will move and replace the position. Wait for some time to stop the moving ink cartridge holder.
  • If you are using Canon Pixma or Canon TS3122 that use the FINE ink cartridge, and this condition use the ink cartridge holder will move toward the headcover's position.

Step 3: Remove the Old and Empty Ink Cartridge

  • Please press on the emptying cartridge and pops out
  • Pull the empty ink cartridge out and set side by recycling and refilling.

Step 4:  Preparing the new install Canon ink cartridge

  • Remove Canon ink cartridge from new packaging, and remove the protective tape
  • In  Canon Pixma MX920 and other Canon MX series printers, use the pair of the cartridge such as black, and tri-color with one piece. But other printers, such as Canon Pixma Pro 100, use many ink cartridges. Please remove the All Canon ink cartridge protective plastic tap cover from the printer ink nozzle.
  • Please do not touch the coppered color areas or ink nozzles. If you are in touch with the nozzle, then you will face problems such as ink clogging, and dry out issues.

Step 5: Insert the New Canon Cartridge

  • Now you can insert the cartridge in the vacant slot in the cartridge holder
  • Make sure the insert the proper the ink cartridge
  • Please always remember to the install ink cartridge Tri-color on the left slot and the black ink cartridge on the right slot.

Step 6: Close the Ink Cartridge door

  • After install, the ink cartridge closes the outlet door.
  • Now you have complete the installation and replacement are complete.

For Any help with install cartridge Errors for HP and Canon Printer then contact printer experts today.

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