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Latest ways to fix HP Printer Printhead Missing or Failed Error
published by Administrator August 16, 2022

HP Produces several All-in-one Colored Printers. But Nowadays most of the users face HP printer problems, like printer printing black lines, printer software issues, printer not connected with the network, ink cartridge issue and most probably missing or failed print head issue.

The missing or failed Printer Printhead error has occurred in some HP printers. Mostly it has rectified the HP printer Officejet Printhead error, HP printer 6830, HP Printer 8600, 8610 and 8620, HP 7612 printhead error, and HP 6230 printer printhead error.

Due to a missing print head error, you are unable to print anything. This printhead missing or failed error message is shown on the printer’s control panel. “The printhead appears to be missing, not detected or incorrectly installed” this type of error message has shown.

Causes of Missing or Failed Printhead Error:

The main cause of HP printer missing print head error is that your printer printhead is loose or ink cartridge is identified incorrectly. Some other causes are:

• Cartridge having insufficient ink

• Air blockages in the nozzles

• The printer gets low use

• The printer is always ON

• Dust inside the printer

• Dried ink in the printhead

Latest ways to fix HP Printer missing or failed Print head error

Step 1: Reset your Printer

First, you need to reset your HP Printer, to fix the missing printhead error.

• Switch on the printer

• Remove the power cord from the back of the printer

• Then unplug the power cord from the power socket

• After a few minutes, plug the power back in the power socket

• Now connect your power cord with your printer’s back socket

• Then switch on the printer

• Don’t do anything until the printer gets the start

Step 2: Reseat HP Printer Printhead

Sometimes you need to reseat the printer print head.

• Open your cartridge door by pulling the slot

• Unplug the power cable from the back of the printer, will check the carriage will not move.

• Then pull the latch up on the right side of the printer carriage

• Pull the printhead only a bit not the complete removal from the carriage.

• Put the printhead firmly inside the carriage completely.

• Before closing the cartridge door, remember to put the carriage latch down.

• After that connect the power cable into the printer back and turn on the printer.

Note: If you are open the printhead and face any issue in latch-up down, carriage out, and set in the printhead, then don’t do anything at that time. If you are trying to do anything you may increase more your printer problems. 

Then contact with Printer expert team, they help you to reseat the printhead section.

Step3: Clean Printer’s Ink Cartridge:

Sometimes cleaning the ink cartridge might resolve the “missing or failed printhead error.

• Remove the ink cartridges from the printhead. Clean your cartridge's copper part with distilled water and a lint-free cloth.

• Before inserting the ink cartridges, let dry the cartridges with a dry cloth and then put it back into the printer.

Step 4: Replace HP printer Printhead:

If all the above steps not working, in that case, you need to replace the cartridges. This situation happens, if you are not using genuine HP cartridges. When replacing, you make sure that the replacement is a genuine one. Replace the Non-HP Cartridge with a genuine HP cartridge pack.

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Step5: Get your Printer serviced:

Sometimes HP printer missing or failed print head error message has shown due to some unidentified causes. In that situation, you are not able to identify the cause and resolve the issue by yourself. For this, you can get your printer serviced by HP printer experts. 

No need to go anywhere for printer service. Printer technical experts check the functioning and service of your printer. When your printer works fine then your printer is error-free from print head issues. 

You can contact HP Printer technical experts with FREE LIVE CHAT or call on the toll-free number.

List of HP Printers has occurred Missing or Failed Printhead Errors

• Missing or failed Printhead HP 7520

• Printhead missing, failed, or incompatible 0xc19a0003 error

• Missing or failed Printhead HP Officejet pro 8610

• Missing or failed Printhead HP Photosmart 7520

• HP Officejet 6700 premium Printhead

• Missing or failed Printhead HP 7110

• HP Officejet 6600 missing or failed Printhead

• Missing or failed Printhead 8600

• Missing or failed printhead HP 8610

• Missing or failed printhead HP Officejet 8620

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