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Manual Online Operation of Printing in Computer or Laptop
published by Administrator April 10, 2020

Printer mainly uses for print, scan, fax, and copy the document. There are different kinds of printers are used in organizations for a different purpose. The printers mainly used in offices and homes. The printers used in shops are simple printers that only print, scan and copy the document. The printers used in offices are the multitasking printer which performs printing, scanning, copying and faxing the document. And the other printers used on a home's basis simply perform the task print, scan, copy and fax.

There is the main list of printers that are using in modern life. Inkjet printer, Officejet printer, LaserJet printer, photo printer, all in one printer are using most. They all operate from the computer and mobile devices. You can print all the documents from your mobile device by connecting them over the internet. Whether you have an android mobile phone or iPhone devices. You can operate it from your mobile phones by downloading the mobile driver on your phones.

Now we tell you the manual online operation of printing the document from your computer and mobile devices. And discuss all the procedure which are helping to operate an online printing document. This step helps you with printing photos, the document from your mobile device and the computer.

Before printing the document you need to set and adjust the network setting according to your devices. So here are some steps for printing network settings.


  1. First, check that printer is turned ON.
  2. Load the three or four A4 sheets.
  3. Press setup button which appears on the setup menu screen.
  4. Select the device settings and press the OK button.
  5. Then select the LAN settings and press the OK button.
  6. Select the Print LAN details and press the OK button.

After doing these steps, the printer starts printing the network setting information and select it accordingly your printer and device.

The network used for online printing

There are two types of network connections available on the printer, wireless connection, and wired connection.

Wireless network connection: We can set wireless connection through the router and without a router. We will discuss both of them.

 Wireless connection using a router

  • Connect the printer and devices (computer/laptop/smartphone/tablet) using a wireless router.
  • If you using wireless router the connection method varies depending on the wireless router type.
  • Set network settings, such as network name (SSID) and security protocol on the printer.
  • At the point when the connection between a device and the wireless router is finished and the Wi-Fi symbol is shown on the device’s screen, you can interface the device to the printer utilizing the wireless router.

Direct wireless connection

  • Connect the printer and devices (computer/laptop/smartphone/tablet) without using a wireless router.
  • While using the printer with a wireless direct, Internet connection from the printer becomes unavailable.
  • In the case that you connect a device associated with the Internet through a wireless router to the printer that is in the remote direct, the connection between the gadget and remote switch will be crippled.
  • In that case, the connection of the device may switch on a mobile data connection automatically depending on your device.
  • Network setting such as the network name (SSID) and security protocol is specified automatically.

Wired connection

  • Set the connection between the printer and hub/router using a LAN cable. Prepare a LAN cable.
  • You can connect the printer and computer using a USB cable connection.

After complete the printer network settings, connect your printer with a computer or laptop via a wired network connection and you can connect it to Wi-Fi also. Then you need to download the printer driver to print the document from the printer. SO download the printer driver after that done the printing process.

Apply Setting to the printer driver in the computer

  • Open printer driver setup window.
  • On the Quick setup tab, the printer media Information box will appear and click on it.
  • Select the Paper source from the Media type.
  • Apply settings to the printer driver then click Set.

Printing from Windows (Computer or laptop)

  1. Check the printer is turned ON.
  2. Load paper in the printer.
  3. Open printer driver’s setup screen.
  4. Select the settings for additional features, media type, and printer paper size.
  5. Select print quality.
  6. Select the paper source as automatically select, rear tray or cassette.
  7. Then press OK.

Here discuss in detail all the fundaments using in the computer during printing the document via a wired or wireless network connection. So go through with all the steps and attach your computer or laptop with a printer and print the document. For any help, you can contact our technician through live chat.

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