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My Canon Printer shows not responding error. How can I fix it?
published by Administrator March 04, 2020

Canon printer not responding error is a very common error today. This issue can arise behind for many reasons. In this blog, you can find about why the Canon printer stopped working suddenly and how we can get started instantly back work on the canon printer. You can apply some little knowledge or method to how to start the Canon printer gets back work.

Connectivity Issue between canon printer and Computer

If there is a wrong connection between printer and PC then, sometimes this error show because it may be possible that you can be using damaged cable or loose connection between Computer and printer. In case you can be using the wireless Canon printer, then it happens error due to slow Wi-Fi network connection or not properly connected with both canon printer and computer to different networks.

Resolve this Canon printer not responding error by checking the loose cable connection between printer and PC. If you have to need to change the cable, then please change the cable. In case wireless connection you can check the Wi-Fi network connection between PC and printer. Ensure the internet connection must be strong.

If you are using Mac or Windows operating system and your printer is not connecting, then read our blog about the same issue. Why my Epson Printer is not connecting with Mac or iOS Device?

Printer Spooler Issue

Spooler in canon Printer is responsible for working all printing jobs. It handles the computer receives printing job commands and printing the paper or document. But sometime spooler stops working due to technical issue and create the Canon Printer not responding error.

Follow the step and resolve this error

  • You can Press Window + R key
  • Then type here services.msc then Enter press 
  • Then after a new window will appear, & here you can find the printer spooler and double click on printer spooler.
  • One smaller window will open the window click by stop button under service status. After click on the start process button, then after clicking on OK.

Canon Printer Driver Error

Some other reason for the printer not responding issue can be the printer driver error. When you are using an old version or wrong printer driver, then it shows the Canon printer not responding Error.

This error can be solved by using the right printer driver with the latest or updated version. If you have not a printer driver, then online you can install. Here is the link where you can install the updated version of the Canon printer driver.

Network Discovery Error computer and device

The most important and essential setting of your computer is Network discovery. This network setting can help to find the available networks on devices and computers. If the available network setting is turned off, then arise the canon printer not responding error. So Network Discovery is always turning on.

  • Go to the computer Settings.
  • Click the mouse on network and internet settings.
  • And under network and internet find sharing options and click on it.
  • A new window will open & select under network discovery setting "turn on Network discovery".

Wrong Port Connection on Printer

If the printer has connected with a wrong port, then the Canon printer shows not responding issue. It must ensure that the printer is connecting to the right port.

  • Go to the computer Settings.
  • Click on the device.
  • Select Devices and Printers.
  • Find here printer from the canon printer list and then right-click on it.
  • After select properties from show your current window from the drop-down menu.
  • Go general setting and select change properties.
  • Click on "Port" and select the port for available printer name and click on apply.

Loading Printing task

Some time We put too many documents and commands to the printer for printing at the same time, then some technical Problem arises, it gets stuck and stops printing and show canon printer not responding issue.

In this condition, you should cancel all printing jobs and restart the printer.

Canon Printer Selected to Online Mode from Offline

If you have selected the printer in offline mode from printer setting, then canon printer responding issue show, in this case, you should unselect the option in setting

  • Please follow these steps.
  • Go to the computer Settings.
  • Click on the device under select Printer and Scanners.
  • Now click Device and Printers.
  • choose the printer that you are using.
  • Right-click on the printer and see printer option from dropdown menu upper corner.
  • Then unselect the "use printer offline" option.

This is the little bit information for manually checking the Canon printer not responding error. If you have any more problems with the printer not responding, then chat with our expert team in 24/7 days.

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