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My Canon Printer shows not responding error. How can I fix it?
published by Administrator April 07, 2021

Canon Printers have first-class advanced printing features than other printers. Canon printers are used today in businesses, organizations, and homes, but sometimes technical issues are faced by users. One of the highly faced printer issues is Canon Printer not responding error. In that time printer are suddenly stop working. There are many causes behind for Canon printer not responding problem. In this blog, we discuss the reason behind this problem and the procedure to how to we can fix it. You can read below the step-wise step instructions and resolve the not responding error.

Cause: Why is My Canon Printer Shows Not Responding Error?

  • Connectivity between PC and printer through the wired or wireless network
  • Improper configurations printer setup
  • Printer driver’s issues
  • Choose incorrect USB ports
  • Printer Compatibility problem
  • Printer Spooler issues
  • Issues with Firewall or 3rd Party Firewall

How to Fix My Canon Printer is not responding error?

You can find here the best solutions for your not responding printer issues. You can also resolve these issues through a direct call to printer expert toll-free number +1-877-614-7218.

Method 1: Using Printer Troubleshooter

We know computer windows inbuilt printer troubleshooter feature can help to fix the various printer-related issues. Check below the steps to use the troubleshooter method.

  • Press the Windows + R Key and open the Run box.
  • Type here control.exe/name Microsoft. Troubleshooting & press the enter.
  • The Trouble-shoot window is open now. After, you can click on the Printer option.
  • Now Run the troubleshooter.
  • Wait for a few seconds to detect the printer issues and apply to fix them.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and important steps and restart your PC.

Method 2: Reboot Network Connection

Sometimes Network connection issues also arise from printer not responding error. You have to need to check the wired or wireless connection between the printer and system device. In case the users used the wired connection, then check the USB cable is not faulty and wrong connected. If using a Wi-Fi connection, then check the printer is keep in wireless range. Because sometimes wireless range problem also rises not responding to printer error

In many cases fix your printer error through the reboot network connection.

First, you have to need to unplug the USB cable wire, and after a few seconds wait to re-plug the cable. After that, you can restart the Printer and system device.  

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Method 3: Disable the Firewall & security Suite

Sometimes many users using the 3rd party firewall or security in your PC system to interrupt the printing work and not responding issues arise. So you have to need to disable the firewall or security suite. If you have no need any Firewall protection, then you need to uninstall it from your PC.

Method 4: Check USB Port for cable Connection

When you are using Printer Wired connection then check the proper USB port connection between PC and computer. Sometimes USB ports are faulty then you have to try to connect to another USB port. When using the other USB port then need to reinstall the required printer drivers and restart your printer and PC.

  • Firstly, open the run box (Windows + R press) and types here devmgmt.msc and press Enter
  • Here open the device manager window and find the Universal Serial bus controller.
  • If you find any unwanted connected device, then right-click to choose to uninstall the device and restart your printer.

Method 4: Update and Reinstall the Printer Driver

Some time you are using a corrupted or not updated version printer driver then may also cause a rise for canon printer not responding error. So you have to need to use the latest updated version of the printer driver. 

Firstly, you can uninstall the previous printer driver and reinstall the printer drivers according to your printer model.

Method 5: Fix the Printer Spooler issues

In the canon Printer, all printing work is done by the spooler. It handles the printing commands and printing data on paper. But sometimes the spooler stops working due to some technical issues and creates the not responding printer error.

  • Press Window + R key on keywords
  • And type the Run box services.msc then Enter press
  • After then a new window will open and you can check here the printer spooler and double click on the printer spooler.
  • One smaller window will appear on the window. Then click by stop button. After a few seconds click on the start process button and OK options click.
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