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My Printer Takes too much Time During Printing
published by Administrator December 15, 2020

Today, we know Printer's device is most important and helpful for home and offices use. You can easily use it to copying, printing, faxing, and scanning a document or file. It connects to Wi-Fi (wireless) and wired connection. When you are using the printers in daily life, then it shows some error like too much time or takes a long time while printing, printing quality not well, printer slow printing, ink cartridges error, printing as blacklines, not connected with the smart device, paper jam error, and more.

There are many reasons behind this error during printing

  • The first thing about, you are using which connection while printing? 
  • Is this error arising during smartphone printing? 
  • Which Wi-Fi router are using for printer connectivity?

Above these factors may also affect your printing speed. Printwithus is the printer services provider company, provides printer repair services based on the United States / Canada locations. They provide printer setup services for all kinds of printer issues. 

This type of issue occurs in an office organization’s printer and they got slow down for a long period of use while printing. So now we discuss the printer is printing at slow speed and how we can fix this issue.

Problem during Wired Connection:

  • In the first step, you can Reset the printer. The printer unplugs from the power cord and reconnects it after a few minutes.
  • If it connects with a cable, then try to check it is faulty or not, then you can use a different USB cable.
  • Uninstall the currently using printer driver and reinstall again. 
  • Make sure the network and cable connection are secure and correct. 
  • Check the range and signal strength of your internet on the device.

Problem during Wi-Fi Connection:

  • In case your printer is connected over the wireless connection, then make sure it is in Wi-Fi range your printer.
  • You could use the quality of the Wireless router with signal strength, which also supports 802.11ac in the new top-line standard conditions.
  • If you have the need, then you can also add a wireless extender or repeater. It helps to increase the Wi-Fi strength with the speed performance of printing.
  • Make sure your printer in wireless network strength or router.
  • If you have needed, then update your current printer firmware from the printer software and updates the website.

We above discussed all the factors that help to increase the printer speed of printing for both wireless and wired connections. After following all these steps, the problem is remaining the same conditions then you can directly contact our printer service expert team through the online chat process. They will solve this facing error for your printer.

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