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Solutions to fix  Printer Printing Blank Pages Issue
published by Administrator March 21, 2022

One of the most common problems that’ll come across a printer is that printer printing blank pages. Printing blank pages is a common problem faced by all users. It’s really difficult to understand why working fine and in good condition printer printing the blank pages. 

In this article, we share the steps from our experts to fix the printer printing blank pages problem.

Reasons of Why Printer Printing Blank Pages:

When your printer suddenly starts printing blank pages, you may think that printer has run out of ink. But sometimes it has some other reasons, the printer printing blank pages. The Users of HP, EPSON, and Canon printers have faced printer printing blank pages problems. 

Some of the Common Causes are:

• Empty Ink Cartridges

• Wrong Paper Size

• Outdated Drivers

• Congested nozzles

• Print head issues

• Improper cartridge installation

What to do if your printer is printing Blank Pages?

Step 1: Restart the Printer

Sometimes a simple restart can resolve the problem. You need to restart the printer and then again retry to print the documents. 

• Switch Off the Printer

• Disconnect the power cord and wait for 3 minutes.

• Reconnect the power cord and press the printer on button

• Turn on the printer

Step 2: Fixing Ink Cartridge Issue:

If your printer keeps printing blank pages, you should check ink cartridges are working properly or not.  Sometimes the issue can be caused by ink cartridge problems.

  • Empty Ink Cartridges:

Before printing the documents, make sure that your ink cartridges are not empty. Empty ink cartridge is one main problem; the printer prints blank pages. Check the ink level on a regular basis to ensure that empty ink cartridges will not affect your work.

  • Reinstall Ink Cartridge:

Printer printing blank page issues occur when your cartridges are not installed properly. You need to remove the cartridges from the printer, clean the cartridges and then reinstall it. Make sure ink cartridges are installed properly, then try to print a page.

  • Remove Air Trapped inside the Cartridge:

Another issue is the air trapped inside the cartridge. Before installing the cartridge, remove the yellow tape from the cartridge. Sometimes the printer prints blank pages because of air trapped inside the cartridges. After removing the air trapped, retry to print the page.

Step 3: Clean the Printer Print head:

The Clogging of the printer print head can be another reason to print the blank pages. You need to clean or unclog the print head using manual or automatic methods.

• Automatic Cleaning (Unclog the Print head): 

If you have inkjet printers, you can unclog the print head using automatic cleaning. You can easily activate the automatic cleaning from the control panel of your printer.

• Manual Cleaning (Unclog the Print head):

Also, you can try to clean the print head manually by using a lint-free cloth damped in warm water. Before you start printing, conduct a nozzle check to confirm the print head is clean properly.

Step 4: Update the Printer Drivers

If the printer driver hasn’t been properly installed on your computer, your printer occurs an issue like printing blank pages. So you need to reinstall the drivers on your computer. If you need help to install the printer drivers on your computer, you can contact the printer support expert team directly. 

Step 5: Wrong Paper Size Issue

After checking the ink cartridges, the next thing you need to check is the paper size. Wrong paper size is the most common issue with their printer. You should check the printer settings to ensure that you have the right paper size selected.

How to fix HP Printer Prints Blank Pages Issue?

• Restart your HP printer

• Check Ink Cartridges

• Update the Printer Driver

• Download the HP Print and Scan Doctor app and then run it

• Contact HP Printer technical support to resolve the blank page printing issue.

How to fix Epson Printer Prints Blank Pages Issue?

If your Epson printer prints the blank pages then follow the steps to resolve the issue.

• Check the Epson ink cartridges are empty or some damages

• Replace the damaged ink cartridge or refill the empty ink cartridge

• Reinstall the ink cartridges

• Clean the Epson printer print head nozzle

• Update your Epson printer driver

• After that turn off the printer and then restart the printer and try to print the documents.

How to fix Canon Printer Prints Blank Pages Issue?

You can resolve the issue by following the steps.

• Check the Canon printer ink cartridge has been installed properly.

• Deep cleaning process for your canon printer unclog nozzles

• If need, to update or reinstall the Canon printer drivers

• Use the right paper size in printer paper tray

• If the ink cartridge has been damaged or is empty, need to replace the old cartridge with a new one.

• Also clean the clogged printheads

• If your canon printer prints the blank documents, then you need to contact the printer technical support team.

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Last but not least: Above these ways help to resolve the printer print blank page issues. But if your printer shows face the issue again, then you need to contact the printer technical support expert team, they surely help you to resolve the printer-related issues like printer printing blank pages, printer not printing, printer print black lines, printer connectivity issue, printer does not connect with Mac and more issues. You can contact the technical expert team through a FREE LIVE CHAT.

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