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Why HP Printer Offline but Connected with a Wi-Fi ? Solutions to Fix HP Printer Offline Issue?
published by Administrator March 21, 2022

Some days ago, I tried to print some important documents on my HP Printer. When I start printing, I faced a printer offline issue. I saw My printer shows offline but it’s connected with wifi. It’s a very horrible situation for me.

Everyone knows Hewlett Packard is a US-based top company, manufactures Printers, laptops, desktops, and much more. Sometimes these electronic machines like printers, laptop devices create some annoying technical issues and need to be a fixation.

So Today I have shared with you my experience, How I fixed the HP printer offline issue and completed my printing documents. My experience will help you to solve this issue instantly. 

What Does Mean Printer Offline?

The HP printers are mostly used because of their features, high performance, and speed. But many users face issues while working on HP printers. There are many different reasons you may be getting a printer offline issue. Mostly the issue occurred caused by jammed paper, networking connection, cable issues, window restrictions, drivers not updated, and much more.

Why Does the HP Printer Shows Offline?

When HP printer connected to WiFi but shows offline due to many reasons. These are some issue that we have listed below:

1. Paper jammed

2. Problem with network or Cables

3. Unsupported Files

4. Driver’s not updated

5. Firmware Outdated

How to Fix the HP Printer Offline Issue? 

Well, you’re not the only one who is facing this issue. But no worries, it’s not difficult to fix it. Here we are sharing some easy steps to resolve the offline issue.

STEP 1: Check Printer Network Connection

If the printer status shows offline, first you need to check the USB cable or network connection. Follow these steps:

• First Power off your printer and then restart it. 

• Check your printer network connection

• If your printer is connected to a USB cable, then make sure the cable is connected to your printer.

• If your printer is connected with wired network, then make sure the printer cable is connected to the Ethernet port. Check the network signal on your printer is flashing.

• One more important thing, If your cable is loose, old or broken then the printer shows offline, If needed you may need to replace them.

• If your printer is connected with a wireless network, then check your printer and make sure it’s connected with your pc network.

Check to print any document, If the problem is not solved then continue to the next step.

Step 2: Check the Paper Jam and Ink Cartridge

After checking the Printer connection, now you can check the ink cartridges and paper jam tray.  

• Turn on your HP printer and check all the cables for connectivity and then open the paper tray and check the printer has the right position of the paper in the tray.

• Check the inside of the printer to identify any paper jams. Clear the paper jam if needed.

• After checking the paper tray, you can open the printer and check the ink cartridge levels. 

• If your printer software shows the low ink warning. Then press Ok, fill the ink in ink cartridge and your printer get back online.

Step 3: UPDATE Printer Driver

One of the main reasons the printer shows offline is that printer drivers haven’t been updated properly. So you can update the printer drivers. 

There are two different ways to update the right drivers in your printer. Automatically or manually.

  • Automatic Driver Update: If you don’t have time, or computer skills to update printer drivers manually, you can do it automatically with Driver Easy Software. Driver Easy software will recognize your system and find the correct driver for your printer and it will download and install correctly.  
  • Manual Driver Update: If you can update your printer driver manually by searching for the correct driver for your printer. Be sure to choose the right driver that is compatible with your window. You need to be very careful to update the right driver in your printer. 

If you have any doubt or issue with updating drivers manually, you can contact HP Printer experts, or You can do FREE LIVE CHAT with experts, they help you to update the right drivers.

After updating the printer driver, you can check the offline problem is resolved. If you are faced again then continue with the next step.

Step 4: Printer Uninstall or Reinstall

Sometimes the issue can be resolved by uninstalling the printer and then reinstalling it on your computer. Follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Start>>Control Panel
  • Control panel>>Device and printers
  • And click on the printers and click on the remove device.

Once the printer is removed, then reinstall it on the device. If you face any issue with reinstalling, then contact experts on FREE LIVE CHAT.

Step 5: Set the Printer Online Manually

If your printer going offline, again and again, set your printer online manually by following these simple steps:

• Go to start>>Control panel>>Devices and printers

• Now right-click on the icon and then select “See what’s printing”.

• Now a window will appear

• Choose the printer and then select the use printer online

This step to set your printer in online mode manually

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Step 6: Deactivate Print Jobs

Sometimes the automated offline commands were found to be active. Removing the print jobs from the queue can help to get your printer online. Follow these simple steps:

• Go to start>>Control panel>>Devices and printers

• Click on the HP Printer and select the “See what’s printing”

• Once you see the print jobs in queue for printing, click on the cancel.

• This will clear the printing queue for your printer

Step 7: Check the TCP or IP Port

Sometimes HP printer shows offline because of your system connecting TCP or IP Port. You need to check your system TCP or IP Port and then restart the printer. 

After using these steps, your HP Printer will be going online. One more thing If you face any issue to update automatic drivers, after installing the automatic drivers you need to change some printer settings. For Change the printer setting you can contact experts from FREE LIVE CHAT

I hope these steps help you to solve the hp printer offline problem. These steps resolve my issue and Thanks to hp Printer tech support experts they help me to go back to my printer online. 

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