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Why is my Epson Printer Offline in Windows?
published by Administrator February 25, 2022

What to do when Epson printer goes offline and does not print a document. In this situation, the Epson printer usually stops communicating with other devices when it’s offline. We know it is very frustrating to find that printer goes offline.

Epson printers are mostly used printing devices. But most users have faced Epson printer offline issues when they print documents. In this article, we explain the answer to the question of why is my Epson printer offline and How to get your printer back online?

Causes of Why Epson Printer is Offline

Most of the users have questioned why the Epson printer is offline when it is connected with Wi-Fi. Epson Printer goes offline due to various different causes. In that situation, need to check printer hardware and software. Make sure the power cable, Wi-Fi, and printer cable is connected.

• Epson Printer showing an offline, it means there is some connectivity issue between the Epson Printer and PC.

• The Epson Printer Driver is Outdated

• Print jobs in pending Print Queues

• Stopped or Slow Spooler

• Epson printer is not chosen as a default printer

Solutions to Fix Epson Printer Offline to back online in Windows

When you know the reasons why your Epson printer offline error, now follow the steps to get rid of it. Follow the steps to get your Epson printer back online.

• Reconnect the Printer Cables:

When your Epson Printer goes offline, then you need to check the printer cables. Reboot the Epson printer and give it a minute to finish booting. Make sure that the Epson Printer is plugged into the computer and also check the network connectivity. Now try to restart the Epson printer, computer, and router to get back Epson printer online.

• Resolve Troubleshooting for Epson Wireless Printer:

Most users use Epson wireless printers. Follow the steps to fix the Epson printer offline:

1. Remove another obstacle from the network connection area.

2. Make sure to connect the Epson printer and devices to the same wireless network

3. Enter the correct network name and password combination for a connection.

• Disable the Printer Offline Feature:

Click on the printer option and disable the checkmark from the “Use printer offline”. Now check the Epson printer is set to be online.

• Update Epson Printer Drivers:

Epson printer offline problem has been caused by outdated printer drivers. Epson printer drivers deal with bugs and other issues. Make sure to get the printer drivers updated to the latest versions to bring back your offline Epson printer online.

Note: When you update the printer drivers, make sure you have the technical knowledge to update the printer drivers. You can update printer drivers in two ways. First is automatic driver update using the Driver easy software. And second is manual. 

When you update your drivers manually, you need to update drivers under printer technical expert’s guidance.

• Reinstall Epson Printer:

If the Epson printer offline issue again persists, you need to reinstall the Epson printer from the device. Remove the Epson printer from the computer and network connection. Once the Epson is removed, then you can download and reinstall the Epson printer on your devices. Reinstalling the Epson printer will get back online.

Epson Printer Says Offline Again! Get it Back online under the Printer Technical Experts Guidance

I hope all of the above steps help you to fix the Epson printer offline in the windows issue. In case your Epson printer again shows the same issue then you need to contact the Epson printer technical experts through Epson printer customer number or via printer Free live chat. Our experts are always available to assist you and get back your printer online.

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